Educational Communities

We have more than a decade of experience working with teachers, parents and students in several countries.  We facilitate communication skills workshops and personal development programmes for young people and adults so that they can strengthen their relationships and build a solid and creative educational community. We create spaces of dialogue and of co-creation of impactful projects, adapted to the needs of each community. All of our programmes foster social, psychological and phisical wellbeing. 

Collective Intelligence - World Café

The World Café is a methodology to create collaborative dialogue networks, around topics that really matter in real life situations. Based on the understanding that a conversation is the central process the personal, professional and organisational life, the World Café is more than a method, a process or technique - it is a way of thinking and being together. 

As a conversational process and network of systems that is alive, the World Café has consequences - immediate and practical - in the design of meetings and conferences, strategic workshops, creation of knowledge, rapid innovation, involvement of members of a community and changes at big scale. To experiment with the World Café in action helps us to make decisions, personal and professional ones, and about more satisfactory ways of participation in conversations that model our lives. 

Personal Development and Communication Skills

Our programmes have as a goal, to invite young people and adults to become more self-aware, do develop their full potential and to learn to live in wellbeing. Faced with a world in constant change, it is fundamental to provide and education that fosters integrity and resilience to those who will be tomorrow's society. Our programmes are reflective, dynamic, with individual and group work. They are offered in both English and Spanish: 


Supporting Change

Counselling skills for those working with young people

Practical course for those working with young people. Eight modules to understand the emotional and psychological needs of young people and design programmes that put them and their needs at the centre of all effort. Topics include: qualities of a counsellor, issues facing young people, self-awareness, counselling skills, etc. 

We offer a similar programme for young people, in Peer Counselling skills.  

Be the Change Youth: Talents in Action.

Leadership programme for young people

The new Century is requiring, now more than ever, young people capable of reinventing themselves, and of inspiring others with integrity and co-operative spirit. Knowing themselves, and able to communicate empathically are paramount needs for the professional and personal development of young people. The programme will offer opportunities to develop emotional intelligence, resilience and capacity to work with and for others. The final work will be the development of a project based on personal values with a positive impact around them. 


G.I.R.L.S (Genuine, Independent, Resilient, Leader, Supportive): Leadership programme to inspire teenagers to become more self-confident, develop personal qualities, creativity and promote social skills that will make them leaders in their communities. Women have a strong role in society and today's world is demanding a complexity of skills from its members. The way female teens are educated today will impact on tomorrow's society dramatically.